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Calculate Fuel Consumption – Tips For Saving Energy

Oct 26, 2020


You have just bought a brand-new car. You want to know if this car costs gas or not. Come to the article "calculate fuel consumption" now.

You are about to take a long journey with the new car, so you have to calculate fuel consumption exactly in order to have a perfect trip with your family. Also, you can reduce your car’s fuel usage someday.
You think of many ways, yet you do not know which method is the best to calculate fuel consumption? Let us show you the formula.

1. Calculate fuel consumption: Important for you

By calculating a car's mileage, the owner can determine how many miles the car can go when it is filled with fuel tanks. Presumably, many factors influence this determination and estimate. As a result, experienced drivers often know how to make a reasonable decision about opting for a vehicle with maximum fuel efficiency.

Vehicle owners can easily calculate fuel consumption when considering all the associated factors concerned such as terrain, road conditions, tire pressure, weather, etc. 

We will provide some more ways to measure this consumption in a moment most effectively.

calculate fuel consumtion

How to calculate fuel consumption exactly?

2. Calculate fuel consumption formula 

Normally, the mileage can be easily divided with the corresponding amount of gas. This outcome is also known as "miles per gallon" or mpg. The driver can also get the result with other units like kilometers and liters.

To calculate easier, you could not ignore the odometer. It plays a vital role in this case. Each different brand will have its odometer in various positions. In general, this device can be located on the dashboard, the dashboard center, or somewhere nearby.

To begin, you fill the tank with fuel and then turn the odometer hands to zero. Then, you drive a long distance until you reach the refueling station. Based on the amount received on the meter before the second refuel, you will have an accurate result of the actual vehicle's fuel consumption.

In case the car does not have an odometer, you can estimate the fuel usage in another way: you write down the numbers shown on the mileage spreadsheet, next you fulfill the tank. You continue implementing a distance long enough to test the consumption. Before refueling again, write down the number received on your odometer and subtract from the number you recorded earlier. You will deduce that the amount of gas can guarantee how far.

car odometer

Odometer is your necessary companion

A simple example: you note the starting mileage on your car is 15,000, then you fulfill the fuel tank. You begin driving with a determined distance. 
Before getting the second refueling station, your number shown on the clock is 15,265, you record again. You subtract the following value for the original one: 15,265-15,000 = 265 miles. That is, with the amount of fuel loss, you can run 265 miles.

From here on, you can get a pretty accurate estimate of the fuel loss in the following journeys.

Furthermore, let us help you compute the vehicle's fuel consumption. Adherence to the correct formula will give you the exact number of mileage relative to the distance.

Initially, you record the fuel amount purchased after filling the tank. Next, you complete the determined distance from A to B and fill the tank at the next station. But you bear in mind to ask the staff how many liters of gas (or gallons) you have just supplied. For instance, the distance from A to B is 50 miles, and when you fill your gas tank, the agent tells you 8 gallons of gas are in need. That means your car gains 50 miles per 8 gallons of gas, or your vehicle travels 6.25 miles per gallon on average.

With the calculation of kilometer and liter, you can convert: 1 mile = 1.61 km; 1 gallon = 3.85 L. The next time you want to calculate how much fuel to charge for 300 miles, do the math: 300 (miles) x 1 (gallons) and divide by 6.25 (miles). This yields 48 Gallons / 300 Miles (equivalent to 184.8L / 483km).

>>> Helpful for you:

3. How to economize fuel consumption?

The above calculations give you relatively accurate results. However, as mentioned in the first part, works under different effects can lead to various outcomes. For instance, the erratic weather, the slippery streets, and the traffic jam prevent the vehicle from moving. In this case, the car costs a lot of fuel since it cannot leave, but the engine is still working. 

When going downhill, you do not need to turn on the throttle much to move the vehicle. Whereas, when going up a slope, you have to turn the accelerator at a high level to pass that road. It leads to a large amount of fuel being used up for the engine to operate strongly. 

driving uphill

For saving the fuel amount you consume, you have to do the following:

First, you have to drive at a steady speed to minimize fuel combustion. Why? If the car is kept at a rate constant, the vehicle will need to "spend" on the amount of fuel just enough. When you stop the vehicle, start it again, or boost the throttle, the engine will have to work hard and increase consumption.

Secondly, you should limit turning on the air-conditioner as this process will use a large amount of fuel and a more powerful AC operation.

Thirdly, a low tire pressure increases drag, which requires the engine to work exhaustedly to overcome the friction. Tire pressure is often reduced due to the wheel's wear, in which case you need to replace other tires.

Traffic jam

Traffic jam makes your transport consume lots of fuel

4. Our Verdict

Knowing this fuel consumption calculation method, you are not only more active in walking but also have the basis for mapping out money and fuel savings plans.

We wish you to have more rewarding and economical journeys in the future. For more car tips & advice, visit!


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