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Keyless Entry System Installation In 5 Steps & Common Problems

Oct 05, 2020


If you are looking for information about keyless entry, don't miss our article about keyless entry system installation in five steps and common problems.

Currently, keyless entry gradually replaces the traditional key on new models, so perhaps it will not be too new to you about this system. Keyless entry is a keyless unlock system (or remotely unlock), which helps the driver open and lock the car door without using a standard physical key. However, information about keyless entry system installation is quite limited, so that we are here to bring you a complete guide! Read our article below now!

 keyless entry system installation

Keyless entry in car

1. Guide On Keyless Entry System Installation

If you want to install the keyless entry system, then you need to take some time to understand it carefully before starting. The reason for this is that the keyless entry system is a complex system of multiple wiring schemes. Not too hard for you to find a keyless entry system diagram for your vehicle on the internet. After finding a sample one, you can follow the steps we give below.

Step 1: Determine The Wiring System In Your Car

Before installing a keyless entry system, you need to identify your vehicle's wiring system with the utmost care and detail.

Step 2: Find Access To The Wires

You will need to remove the panels under the steering column and the instrument panel to easily see the ropes. Then you need to locate the wire and cut the correct wire according to the color. Because each vehicle will assign a different shade of wire to each system, you need to cut the right wire carefully.

Step 3: Prepare The Wires

It would be best to prepare all the necessary wires in the right size to be used in the connection process. Besides, it would be best if you also prepared a black electrical tape to connect the wires.

Step 4: Connect The Wires

After all the preparation, you should begin to connect the wires of the keyless entry system. It would be best if you were careful not to connect the wrong wire or cut the unrelated wires by mistake.

Step 5: The Systems’ Programming

You have reached the final step of installing the keyless entry system. You need to make the system settings correct and program the system functions for the best performance.

With only five steps, you have installed a keyless entry system for your car without having to bring it out.

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2. Keyless Entry Installation: Common Problems & Quick Fixes

During the process of using the keyless entry system, you will likely encounter several problems ranging from simple to complex. We'll cover some simple issues that you can fix on your own without having to spend a lot of money to get to the store.

For keyless entry, the battery plays a very important role in the operation of the system. When you press the button to control the keyless entry system's operation, and nothing happens after that, your battery needs replacing. Replacing the battery is extremely simple because you only need a screwdriver to remove the battery housing cover, confirm the battery's polarity, replace the new battery, and reverse the removal process.

A slightly more complicated problem is the problems with your relays. However, it is not too difficult to replace relays after you read our manual. First, you need to buy a relay (30A - 12V) and a screwdriver from the parts store. Then, you use a screwdriver to remove the screws in place of each wire and remove the connectors of each wire from the relay. Finally, insert the new relay and connect each wire to the relays in the removed position.

Keyless Entry Installation

Keyless Entry Installation: Common Problems & Quick Fixes

3. Keyless Entry In Car Vs Standard Car Key

Both types of keys have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, its common point is that it is all about security for your car. So what would be the better and more secure and convenient type of key for your car? Let's find out with us!

Standard Car Key


  • It is very difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle because it takes them a while to be able to unlock and start your car.
  • Standard car keys are mostly used in inexpensive old cars so is also an advantage as thieves will often focus on more modern and more expensive vehicles.
  • If you lose your keys or the locks are damaged during use, you can easily replace them without spending too much time or money.


  • If a thief has a similar key, they can easily break into your car.
  • If used for a long time and often, the locks and key cases can wear out, causing some start-up problems.

Keyless Entry In Car


  • The keyless entry in the car is designed with fewer parts than the standard car key, so it is less wear and tear during use.
  • The keyless entry system can sound an alarm during use to prevent someone from breaking into your vehicle.
  • Keyless entry in the car saves you time for starting the car because you just need to press the start button, the car will automatically start immediately.
  • When a thief breaks into your vehicle without the key, they can't begin to use it either.


  • If you accidentally lose the key, you will have to spend a lot of money replacing and reprogramming the keyless entry system.
  • Modern key plates can get stuck and prevent locking.

 keyless entry system installation

Replacing and reprogramming the keyless entry system will waste your time and money

4. Conclusion

In final words, the keyless entry system installation is not a beginner to-do-list because of its complexity. Furthermore, each model has a different system, so you need to find the right map before embarking on the process of installing a keyless entry system in your car.

We hope you will have the best solution. Stay tuned for more new car guide on


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