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Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines: Remunerate drivers with remarkable execution

Aug 21, 2020


Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines has grown from being a perennial underdog in the Crossover SUV segment to a class leader. Here comes the 2018 model.

The approach of Hyundai Eon conveyed along very significant changes afterward to the section level vehicle fragment. It realized the advancement in vehicle configuration, measurements, and the presentation of top of the line bits of hardware at an affordable price.

The Nano has removed the least expensive vehicle tag, yet the numbers have been rolling in from Maruti Suzuki. The Hyundai Eon is made to depose the Maruti Suzuki. Let’s find out as we dive deep into a review of the Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines.

Hyundai Eon 2018

Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines

Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines Review​


The Hyundai Eon 2018 oozes a degree of refinement at no other time found in Korean SUVs. Beginning from the front, we can, without much of a stretch, perceive the natural pair of large cleared back headlights, the pentagonal grille with a chrome treatment, and the identification of letter H representing Hyundai at the middle.

The advanced structure of smoothness loans a smooth and trim look to the whole vehicle, obviously helping it surpass the Maruti rivals.

2018 Hyundai Eon

The front section of the 2018 Eon

Getting aside, all the lines of windows and rooftop join consummately at the back spoiler, and none is in disorder; sufficiently entirely – no more no less.

The backside configuration is suggestive of the more exceptional Accent hatchback. This implies that it gets awe-inspiring vertical taillights that reach out to the rooftop spoiler and a marginally inward lower bring forth.

Hyundai Eon 2018 Rear end

Hyundai Eon 2018 rear end


Hyundai Eon 2018 Interior

Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines Interior

Hyundai keeps everything straightforward and effortless on the off chance that they can. It applies to the new and exquisite dashboard of a twofold topic of dark and beige, positioning similarly with that of the Renault Kwid. 

The directing wheel radiates a firm touch and is of acceptable size with a chrome complement. What's more, to satisfy your need for various capacity, the Eon likewise accompanies a full scope of extra rooms that incorporate entryway pocket, cup and jug holders, and glove compartment.

Seating of Hyundai Eon 2018

Both front and back seats are a blend of texture and quality calfskin. The front seats fuse a coordinated headrest and are agreeable. Back help is satisfactory, yet because of the vehicle's size, the seat width is adequate for an average fabricated individual, and a heftier individual may wind up needing more width.

Hyundai Eon 2018 Cargo Space

The 215-liter boot space

Remaining at a volume of 215 liters (can be expanded by falling the back seats), the vehicle's boot space can swallow a gear family. It is likewise one of Eon's numerous qualities.

Engine & Performance

Hyundai Eon 2018

Hyundai Eon 2018 is attractive in Pristine Blue

Controlling comes convenient in heavily congested rush hour gridlock, anyway it remains light as you gain speed and become overly sensitive at high speeds.

However, we was charmingly shocked by the fast soundness of this vehicle. Indeed, even at 110 mph, it felt all around planted provided you keep a firm hold of the steering, slight movement and the car will twitch, not dangerously though.

Hyundai Eon 2018

Hyundai Eon 2018 is powered by 814 cc, 3-chamber petroleum engine

The Eon is controlled by 814 cc, 3-chamber petroleum motor. The engine sprints, however, create a few snorts when wrenched. 

The point which comes through is that three-chamber motors are more eco-friendly than their four-chamber partners and with fuel costs spiraling, makers are attempting their best to expand the eco-friendliness.


Hyundai Eon 2018 Safety

Hyundai Eon 2018 Safety test

There is no embellishment to explain that the Eon's security bundle makes it stand apart from different vehicles in the B segment.

Standard overall variations are front airbags for the driver and traveler, and automated stopping devices with EBD. The top-spec variety packs much more as far as driver-help advances, such as slope start help and a declining brake control framework.

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Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines Specifications


Hyundai Eon 2018

Body Type



Red, Blue, Silver, Black, Beige



Engine Type

In-Line 3

Engine Displacement






Fuel tank capacity




Front/Rear Brakes

disc/ drum


13-inch steel w/ cover




Front-Wheel Drive- FWD


Exterior Dimensions

3495 x 1550 x 1500mm


Seating Capacity



2-speaker stereo

Hyundai Eon 2018: Price in the Philippines

2018 Hyundai Eon Philippines Price list



2018 Hyundai Eon 0.8 GLX


2018 Hyundai Eon 0.8 GLX w/ Android AVN


Conclusion: More Than You Know

Hyundai Eon 2018

2018 Eon has stirred up the section as far as clients desire, and it offers the top tier quality, eco-friendliness, and modern-day styling

The Eon has stirred up the section as far as clients desire, and it offers the top tier quality, eco-friendliness, and modern-day styling. Individuals were fascinated by the incentive it provides and matched with the low value, and it was undoubtedly a deal. The 2020 model, be that as it may, is an excellent reduced SUV. 

In general, the Hyundai Eon 2018 Philippines is a fantastically agreeable vehicle that remunerates the driver with remarkable execution, and its size and proffered comfort make it a perfect family vehicle.


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