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How To Turn Off Car Alarm (With & Without Key)

Jan 01, 2021


Has your car's anti-theft alarm system ever kept going off for no purpose, and you just struggling to turn it off? If yes, we will give you a simple guide on how to disable the car alarm properly.

In recent years, to improve security systems and eliminate potential theft and sabotage, car manufacturers are increasingly making upgrades, replacements, and connectivity to the car alarm system. Therefore, mastering the basic principles and choosing an alarm system that suits the needs, also knowing how to disable/reset a car alarm is a must for vehicle owners.

1. What does a car alarm do?

As a car security system, the car alarm makes a loud noise when someone breaks into the car. Shortly, its primary purpose is to detect and prevent the car from stealing or destroying.

There is more than one type of alarm system, depending on the features and how each system responds. In general, a car alarm system consists of three main components:

  • At least one type of sensor
  • Sirens or flashing lights (types of noise-making)
  • Control unit.

how does car alarm work

With three main components, the operating mechanism of the system is quite simple. Most sensors are installed at the driver's door and activate immediately if someone tries to open the door. The act of opening the door sends a signal to the control that then starts the noisemaker. The loud noise will draw attention to the vehicle and scare away those with bad intentions.

With the rapid development of technology, now the car alarm system is more complicated, with the receiver in the controller and the transmitter in the form of a key. Different types of sensors are also regularly upgraded. In addition to alarms, car alarm systems can be linked to other approaches to produce different responses.

Depending on actual needs, users can adjust the car alarm system or add accessories. Virtually, a car alarm does not eliminate an infringement on the rights and property of the owner. However, if combined with other systems and accessories, the owner can upgrade the car to an anti-theft vehicle.

Keep reading the following guide by to take steps to deactivate your car's anti-theft alarm.

2. How to turn off the car alarm?

Get familiar with the alarm sounds

Car owners should read the instruction manual first and get used to the noisy sounds. When noise occurs, the owner needs to stay calm and follow the instructions to turn off the alarm.

Start the car

Most alarm systems turn off and restart when the user plugs the key and starts the car.

start the car

Open the driver's door with the key

All alarms will turn off when the driver's door is opened with the key. If the door is already open, try locking it again and unlock it with the key.

Open the driver's door with the key

Disconnect the fuse

You need to find the fuse in the vehicle properly, disconnect the fuse, then the circuit will turn off, and the vehicle's anti-theft system stop. 

The fuse box is commonly placed on the left side of the drive shaft. Normally, the top of the box has a fuse diagram, and most of the alarm fuses are labeled alarms. If you cannot find the sticker, see the operating instructions for the alarm fuse position.

If the alarm system sounds even though the fuse is disconnected, you need to bring your car to professional garages.

Disconnect the fuse

Cut the battery

After trying all methods above but still not working, this is the last method to think of, as the entire electrical system on the car will restart. You can recheck the alarm system by reconnecting the battery after a minute or two. If the system still sounds, you need to disconnect it at the battery cord or consult an expert.

Cut the battery

Remember to keep the magnetic key

Most of the time, you can use the magnetic key to control the car alarm system. However, the key will not work once the battery has been cut off. If you have to press repeatedly to get the door unlocked or locked, it is most likely that the car battery has broken and needs to be replaced.

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3. Car alarm in the Philippines: FAQs

Q: How much does a car alarm cost? 

A: The car alarm system is a simple and essential system for any car, especially those of great value. Depending on the vehicle owner’s needs and system capabilities, the car alarm system’s market price varies. You can easily find a simple method for the P900 price or a sophisticated system for P15,000. The branding and design also affect the alarm system's cost.

Q: What is the best car alarm system in the Philippines? 

A: The list below gives you the five most outstanding alarm systems available today, ranging from lowest to highest.

  • EXAD Car Alarm System (Price: P899)
  • Giordon G5 Car Alarm Security System 360 Protection with two Remote Controls (Price: P1,399)
  • Blade Auto Security System FLB-02 NW (Price: P2,999)
  • Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote (Price: P3,999)
  • Cobra Car Alarm Omega (Price: P4,770)

Q: Where is the alarm located in my car?

A: It's commonly placed on the dashboard by the driver's door, in front of your left knee. The alarm fuse can be found in this fuse box. If you can't find an alarm fuse inside the car, look in the fuse box underhood (from the driver's side).

Q: Do car alarms actually work?

A: Yes, you can hardly ignore the horrible noise coming from the system. And when combined with other car features, the car alarm can turn the ordinary car into an anti-theft vehicle.

4. Conclusion

A vehicle anti-theft alarm system is part of the security system. The course plays a significant role in detecting, warning, and preventing criminal acts.

If you are struggling to deal with how to disable the car alarm, we hope our guide works for you.

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