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PMS Car Meaning, Checklist & Important Notes You Should Consider

Mar 03, 2021


PMS means Preventive Maintenance Schedule for cars. Since the maintenance schedule affects your vehicle's life significantly, car owners should not underestimate the importance of PMS.

1. PMS Car Means Preventive Maintenance Schedule For Cars

PMS Car Meaning

PMS stands for Preventive Maintenance Schedule, appears as an instruction manual, or written on a warranty book. The guide helps car owners know when to check and replace car parts to ensure their efficient operation.

Thanks to advancements in mechanical engineering and technology, manufacturers and designers have learned how long a part can expect to wear and tear. As a result, they create PMSs for each vehicle.

2. Important Notes When Having PMS For Cars


Before choosing a service agent or projected amount for preventive maintenance, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Preventative maintenance at authorized dealers can be expensive but is necessary. Any adjustment from any other mechanics or repair shops will void your car's warranty.
  • Adhere to the schedule suggested in the warranty guide. If you do not appear past the scheduled warranty date, your warranty will be void.
  • Know the necessary warranty information so you can save on the pointless warranty procedures that dealers recommend.

pms meaning in car

3. Recommended Scheduled For Vehicle PMS


Depending on the requirements and technology of each manufacturer, the PMS of each vehicle is different. However, you can check out a standard maintenance schedule below:

  • Since the new car has not traveled too long, this One-thousand-kilometer check-up mainly checks the parts’ performance. At this stage, the authorized service will ask you to change the oil and the oil filter.
  • When the gasoline engine goes 4,000 kilometers, and the diesel engine goes 5,000 kilometers, you need a second check-up. The oil and oil filter will be replaced, while other parts will be inspected and replaced.
  • At the ten-thousand-kilometer check-up, the service will inspect all the parts and replace the necessary components. The mechanic will also periodically change the oil of your vehicle.

vehicle pms

4. Car PMS Checklist: What To Expect On A PMS For Cars


You should pay attention to those parts that are exposed to mechanical friction and wear during PMS, including:


The oil runs throughout the mechanical parts to ensure smooth operation. Air debris and metal debris of other factors will fall into oil during the procedure. The maintenance process will have to drain the oil and replace the new oil so that the engine will not clog.

You should use synthetic oil bottles so that you can use them many times during maintenance sessions.

Oil filter

Oil filters help ensure that the least amount of sludge falls into the oil during operation. If you change the oil without changing the filter, the oil will get dirty quickly before the next service. You should use the filter that is of the highest quality and best suited to your vehicle.


Timing belts and the steering system, fans, and drives ensure the engine is always at the right temperature when you drive the car. Cracks appear over time because the belts are always moving. To prevent belts from breaking, you need to replace them regularly.

pms meaning in car service


The actuator ensures torque traction in the engine. You should check and drain this part regularly.

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5. Car PMS Price In The Philippines: Cost Estimation


Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) includes oil change, tune-up, fluid checks, engine head oil, and air filter replacement, tire rotation and balance, and battery inspection.

The price for implementing PMS is very diverse. The lowest is Php 2,500 for basic cars, and the highest is Php 25,000 for high-end vehicles. If you are still holding on to owning a car, you should research the most prolonged PMS duration and the free PMS costs that the manufacturer recommends.

Car PMS Price Philippines

You can save a lot of money by performing regularly scheduled maintenance. To be sure of the frequency, check the manual or take your car to an auto repair shop. The higher the mileage, the more frequent the maintenance.

6. PMS Has A Significant Meaning In Car Service


Staying close to your PMS will help you avoid the dreadful nuisance caused by an auto breakdown. Regular maintenance will prevent unexpected incidents and outages far from repair services.

Besides, you will extend the service life of your vehicle while ensuring scheduled maintenance. Replacing or adding defective parts at the right time helps the vehicle operate more smoothly.

While you will have to spend a little bit of maintenance on it, it is still cheaper than the repair cost. You can save a lot of money on repairs with regular maintenance.

To ensure that your car is always in the best operating condition, you need to follow the PMS instructions to understand the routine maintenance schedule at authorized service centers.

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Hopefully, you have captured the PMS meaning in car service, as well as its importance. If there is a question, feel free to contact Philhyundai at once!


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