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Hyundai Reina vs Accent: Oldie but goodies

Jan 26, 2021


Hyundai Reina vs. Accent, which one should you purchase? Please look at our review below to find out which of the sedan siblings fit you better!

In the automobile world, the comparison between Hyundai Reina vs. Accent is an exciting topic. They are outstanding subcompact candidates from a renowned brand with over 50 years of experience, ensuring peace of mind for buyers. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it is overwhelming. 

With that said, is here to rescue! We created this detailed comparison to help you make an ultimate, informed decision. By the end of this, you can grasp their similarities and differences. In detail, we will talk about pricing, specifications, other features, and performance. 

Hyundai Reina vs Accent

Hyundai Reina vs. Accent: Pricing Comparison 

Hyundai Reina is on sale in the Philippine automobile market for ₱683,000 to ₱783,000. In comparison, the Hyundai Accent is for roughly ₱790,000 to ₱1.04 million. Therefore, they are at different price levels, targeting distinct market segments in the realm. If you are on a stricter budget, then the Reina model may be ideal. Vice versa, if you have a less restraining account, you may choose the Hyundai Accent, which is on the pricier spectrum. 

Hyundai Accent 2020 Price list in the Philippines
 Hyundai Accent Variants  Price
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 MT (w/o Airbags)  ₱790,000
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 MT  ₱838,000
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 AT (w/o Airbags)  ₱838,000
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.4 AT  ₱890,000
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 CRDi MT  ₱910,000
 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 CRDi AT  ₱1,038,000


Hyundai Reina 2020 Price list in the Philippines
Hyundai Reina Variants   Price
 Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT  ₱663,000
 Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT  ₱713,000
 Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT (w/ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto)  ₱713,000
 Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT (w/ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto)  ₱763,000

Hyundai Reina vs. Accent: Technical Specifications 

Both Hyundai Reina and Accent run on gasoline as sedan vehicles, offering a seating capacity of 5 and are enclosed by four doors. However, the former car model is overall smaller. The Accent is 4400mm x 1729mm, while the Reina is 4300mm x 1705mm. Accordingly, Accent trumps Reina for interior space. Accent features a larger fuel tank, at 45 liters compared to Reina's 43L. 

Hyundai Accent 2020 interior

Hyundai Accent offers more interior space for users. 

Even so, it is worth noting that Reina's extra 10mm ground clearance makes it more equipped at handling rough, rugged roads. Therefore, Reina may be more attractive for adventurous personas behind the wheels. 

Moreover, the Reina features a 475 liters trunk capacity, much roomier than the Accent's 388 liters standard trunk capacity. As a result, the Reina better suits users with frequent traveling and getaway agendas. 

Hyundai Accent cargo space

The Hyundai Accent's trunk is slightly smaller than the Hyundai Reina's.

Hyundai Reina vs. Accent: Additional Features

Both cars include the same MacPherson Strut for the front-rear suspension and torsion beam for the rear suspension. They share radial tires, but the wheel and alloy wheel sizes are R15 and 15-inches respectively for the Accent and R14 and 14-inches for the Reina. They are on par for steering details, as both have rack and pinion gears along with an adjustable tilt steering column.

Hyundai Reina 2020 exterior

Hyundai Reina has an extra sundry of protective gear with two front airbags and ISOFIX in place

To guarantee safety and security, they have power door locks and a central locking system. The Hyundai Accent includes standard seat belts, plus a high-tensile, durable strength frame. On the other hand, the Reina has an extra sundry of protective gear with two front airbags and ISOFIX in place. Nonetheless, they both have a range of additional add-on features to ensure convenience and comfort for users, including: 

  • Accessory power outlets 
  • Low fuel warning light 
  • Foldable rear seats 
  • Adjustable seats 
  • Cup holders 
  • Heaters

Although they are both equipped with speakers, a radio, and a USB port, they do not have a navigation system. The Accent, however, comes with an AVN touchscreen head unit, which can connect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Adversely, the Reina has a simple 3.8 inches LCD. With that said, those who emphasize value-added features may find the Accent more preferable.

Hyundai Accent 2020 interior

Hyundai Accent comes with an AVN touchscreen head unit, which can connect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Hyundai Reina vs. Accent: Performance

The two models operate based on an MPI fuel system with an identical 1.4L gasoline engine featuring four cylinders and 16 valves per cylinder. That means that for engine composition, Reina and Accent are neck-to-neck. Hyundai Accent's gearbox is 6-speed, whereas Reina's gearbox is 5-speed, though they are both on a manual transmission. 

Hyundai Reina exterior

Both Hyundai models Reina and Accent utilize the MPI fuel system.

As mentioned, both car models run on gasoline. Their engine displacement is 1368 cc, and their torque is both at 132 Nm. However, the Hyundai Reina possesses lower power at 94hp, compared to the 99hp of the Accent. Thus, the Accent produces more horsepower, but the level at the same amount of torque. 

Rundown: Pros & Cons

Below is a recap of what qualities a Hyundai model has that beats the other:

Hyundai Reina vs. Accent: Pros
 Hyundai Reina  Hyundai Accent
  • Higher ground clearance
  • Larger trunk capacity 
  • More safety features
  • Generous interior space 
  • Extensive fuel tank capacity
  • AVN touchscreen head unit
  • Superior gearbox at 6-speed 
  • Generate more horsepower

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So, you have reached the end of our comparison review on Hyundai Reina vs. Accent. We hope you can use this review’s information to make an informed and confident final purchasing decision. 

If you have any other relevant information to share on this topic, feel free to comment below. We are always delighted to hear from our readers!


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